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The Magic Of A Greeting Card

3) You want to established up your margins with one» leading and base and one.25″ on still left and correct. Why so large? This provides the editor room to make notes in the margins. Generally these notes are for you so give him sufficient space to write.

Let’s start with the paper. The Papermill Store sells high-quality card inventory with matching envelopes specially constructed to make fantastic do-it-yourself Christmas celebration invitations. A established of 250 will operate you about $85. If you throw an yearly party, this provide can last several years.

Use big gold plates for chargers, if you wish. Many times you can buy an assortment of them from eBay for as low as one to two bucks each. Use ivory or white china with jewel tone linens. You can even use an assortment of colours on the different tables if you chose. For location cards, use a digital gold glitter background stand with digital gold glitter background to mark table numbers and seating charts. These could be engraved with your initials to additional the sophisticated design.

While equine employment professionals cost a fee for their services, they are a fantastic way to discover out what jobs are accessible, not to point out the reality that they can truly help you get your foot in the door. These professionals do every thing from helping you with your resume to arranging an interview.

Photo albums can be created as nicely using your Lexmark cartridges. To get the highest high quality pictures use photo print paper which is specifically designed to print photos. You will need your Lexmark printer and its cartridges. Take your personal pictures, create them and you can doc your pictures with constructed in text options. You will require to have a electronic camera with a memory card. Take your pictures and conserve them to a memory card. The memory card is then inserted into the photo printer to print out your photos. To get the very best quality photos you ought to use photograph paper- the output will be enhanced.

Take advantage of each sides. Don’t squander any space in your materials. You can usually print on each sides to provide much more info to your clients and prospects. Printing on both sides is a minimum investment that is certain to improve response price.

Make a Vacation Cookbook. Inquire your customers to post their preferred holiday recipes and include them with recipes submitted by your own buddies and family members.

Tide turns for sulphur-rich oil in a sea of light crude

By Libby George and Amanda Cooper

LONDON, July 13 (Reuters) – The world is awash with oil, but in pockets of the market lower-quality, sulphur-rich crude is limited and buyers are competing for cargoes.

Lacklustre gasoline demand growth, particularly in the United States, and fears of a repeat of last year’s poor summer gasoline profits, led refineries in the Atlantic Basin to skew their yields in favour of distillates, by running heavier oil. Strong profits for fuel oil has also encouraged refineries to run sour crudes.

This has compounded supply cuts, which were concentrated in heavier oils, to keep sulphur-rich crudes, normally shunned for lighter, easier-to-process alternatives, at the top of the heap.

Since OPEC-organised cuts began siphoning some 1.8 million bpd from the market in January – nearly all of it medium and heavy oil – the so-called «heavy» or «sour» grades have become the most sought-after barrels.

Normally, refineries would snap up easier to process light grades before the summer, when they aim to run the gasoline-rich crude so they can sell the fuel to holidaying drivers. But now, in the middle of July, sour grades are still so sought after that differentials are hitting multi-year highs. «Sour grades are like Gold Price | Price Of Gold Per Ounce | Spot Gold Prices Today dust at the moment,» one oil trader said. «There’s a need to fill in more sour grades heading to the U.S. and there is huge demand from the East.»

Differentials for Urals, a sour grade exported from the Baltics and the Black Sea, are trading at their highest level versus dated Brent in two years, while light grades nearby such as CPC Blend and Azeri are at two-year lows.

North Sea Ekofisk, a light crude coveted for its high gasoline yield, is also trading at its largest discount to sour Forties in two years, as are differentials for Angola’s Cabinda. Despite a summer slowdown in loadings for China, a key buyer of Angolan oil, U.S. and Indian loadings rose to their highest in roughly a year, according to Reuters tracking.

«It’s an oversupplied sweet market, but a tight medium and heavy sour market,» said Ehsan Ul-Haq, director of crude oil and refined products at Resource Economist Ltd.

Most of the oversupply – including millions of barrels from Libya and Nigeria which are exempt from the OPEC production cuts, and output from U.S. shale – is light crude oil.

At the same time new and sophisticated refineries in India and China – designed to run sulphur-rich crudes – are ramping up production. India’s IOC bought its first sour crude oil cargo from the U.S. last week.

Ul-Haq added that since refineries are poised to start producing heating oil for winter demand, refineries could look for even more sour oils, threatening more tightness.

Still, Ul-Haq added, the sour premiums are limited comfort to those selling the oil, including Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Angola.

«The Saudis should be happier than Nigerians but a price below $60 per barrel is still a headache,» he said.

Benchmark Brent crude was below $48 a barrel on Thursday.

(Reporting by Libby George and Amanda Cooper; additional reporting by Florence Tan in Singapore and Julia Payne in London; editing by Susan Thomas)