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Mains Fed Water Coolers: Who Needs One?

quat dieu hoaMains fed water coolers are water coolers that don’t require the use of a huge bottle that you have to lug to the top of the equipment every time you run low on water. Mains fed water coolers hook into the main water lines and offer a continuous feed of water through the system. No more need to worry about running out of water and no need for monthly bottle deliveries, which can be costly.

There are a few companies that manufacture mains fed water coolers but you won’t need to call them to have one installed. Most water cooler distributors have mains fed water coolers as one of their options. They will deliver and install the water cooler for you in a matter of days.

Some of the great things about mains fed water coolers are that you don’t need to wait for a regularly scheduled water delivery that sometimes is slower than if they brought it by horse and buggy. With mains fed water coolers hooked directly into your mains you use your own water source, which is always available.

Another great thing about mains fed water coolers is that there are no bottles that lay around empty or that you need to worry about recycling. The reduced pollution from plastic bottle waste is a great way for your company to start going green.

The cost of mains fed water coolers is quite a bit higher than bottle fed water coolers, but in the long run you will save quite a bit of money using your own water source rather than paying for costly water delivery.

A few drawbacks of buying mains fed water coolers are that you do have to buy them. They are not something that you can rent, or get free with water delivery like at Ozarka Water Coolers. However, as mentioned before, in the long run it will end up saving you money. But if you want a cooler for a short period of time, a bottle fed cooler would be more practical.

Another drawback is that they have to be plumbed into the mains, meaning holes cut in the walls for installation. This could put a limit on where you can have a mains fed cooler placed. Don’t worry about the hole in the wall, though. The installers are professionals and you won’t notice a thing when they are done. The only thing you will notice is the ease at which you can get a glass of water or mix up a hot soup.

Mains fed coolers are available everywhere and to anyone. They are perfect for a small family because kids love to use them and the more they use the cooler, the more healthy water they are drinking. Large businesses love them for the cost effectiveness and employees appreciate the speedy cold and hot water on short breaks. It doesn’t matter if you have a house in Wales or a large Welsh industrial plant, you can clearly see the benefits to owning mains fed water coolers.

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